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We have an extensive range of capability in metal joining technology. Our welders are highly trained and approved to AWS standard coding and we have procedures for welding mild and cast steels, stainless and aluminum alloys.

weldingOur capabilities include:

• AWS certified welders

• Welders capable of on-site testing for specific needs.

• Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)


• Work performed in-shop or in the field


con3W & M provides a structural steel fabrication and site construction service to the construction industry. Our company has the personnel, organization, experience, facilities and expertise necessary to carry out a wide range of your construction needs. We are capable of providing a complete turn-key package, including design, drafting, and professional engineering.

Machine Shop

We at W & M have been providing a first-class service of all hydraulic cylinders and rams, including complete overhauls with most parts from stock.

Our Repair Department can save your company money by repairing your damaged equipment. Repairs are completed in a timely manner, reducing costly downtime.

If you have a special component needed but are unable to find it, maybe we can help with our machining and welding capabilities.

Our repair services include:


• Accident-damaged axles

• Sleeved axles

• Line axles

• Axle straightening

• Bearing seizures

• Hub repair

• Pin holes sleeved back to standard

• Bucket and pin resizing

• Bushings of all types

• Complete PTO & driveshaft service (most parts in stock)

Machinery Moving

W & M specializes in machinery moving by use of high capacity forklifts, cranes, air-ride truck and trailers, and other unique equipment. If you have heavy equipment to move, W & M can provide timely service to dismantle, load, deliver, unload, erect, set, level and anchor it.

We offer a complete range of millwright & machinery moving services to include:

• Erecting


• Lifting

• Shoring & bracing

• Heavy forklift work

• Trucking

• Complete shop rigging

• Welding

• Leveling & alignment

• Machinery & equipment installation and modifications

• Relocations

• Factory setup

• Industrial conveyor systems: install, repair & troubleshoot

• Steel fabrication

We are skilled in moving oversized, bulky, or heavy equipment and machines. As part of a move we include crating, skidding, and shipping as needed. We handle everything from an entire factory of industrial machinery, to single, large, bulky, heavy pieces. Whether the equipment is to be moved across town, or across the country, we offer quality services at competitive prices.

One Machine or a Complete Facility

If what you need relocated is too heavy or too delicate to move yourself, let us handle the job for you. We pick up, move and install machinery and materiel safely inside or outside of plants. Our employees are properly equipped and experienced. W & M’s policy is to treat everything we move as if it were our own.


• Single Item Relocationsmoving_3

• Turnkey Facility Relocations

• Machine Disassembly and Erection Services

• Storage Space Available


• Forklifts

• Boomlifts

We diligently evaluate each moving or relocation project and provide you with available options. All our professionals believe in hard work, straight talk, and diligence in building and maintaining relationships that offer you, our customer, the best value. We measure success by how many of our first-time clients become long-term relationships or refer us to others. The number is large and growing. Contact our staff and find out why.


Maintenance Division

maintenanceW & M is fully equipped to help you maintain your equipment in the field and at our Sedalia facilities. We offer regular maintenance and comprehensive off-season evaluations that ensure you remain up and running at peak performance.


Having people and projects stalled and waiting for the arrival of a $50 part is among a contractor’s greatest frustrations. Our trained specialists are on call to offer the best in mechanical, technical, and application troubleshooting.